Isekai kara no Kigyou Shinshutsu?!

Isekai kara no Kigyou Shinshutsu?!, Starting a Business in Another World!? ~Former Corporate Slave Change Jobs and Advances in a Different World! Building a Labyrinth That Is Impenetrable by the Hero~, Starting a Business in Another World?!, 从异世界开始的业务拓展! ?, 从异世界开始的业务拓展! ? ~前社畜异世界转职咸鱼翻身录!一起来创造出勇者无法攻略的地下城吧~, 異世界からの企業進出!? ~元社畜が異世界転職して成り上がる! 勇者が攻略できない迷宮を作り上げろ~
“MIsekai kara no Kigyou Shinshutsu?!
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Former black company employee, Jiro Tanaka leaves his job due to overwork. In his home, he founds a job recruitment template which is from another world company. The job is to test the dungeon created by the demon king. There, the days of diving into the dungeon as a "dungeon tester" were waiting for him to complete the dungeon that even the hero would not be able to clear. He has a hot dark elf boss who has an amazing ability " Magic resistance". The New life of our MC starts!

Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2019
Author NANASHI Nanami
Artist UYAMA Hajime
Serialization Young Magazine the 3rd (Kodansha)
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